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Mike Johnston(non-registered)
Just visited your photos from your days in Viet Nam during the early 70s. I was based in Saigon 1971-1973 and waited over 40 years to return. Now living in Ha Noi, I was interested in pics from the 12/1972 campaign to compare with today's life here.

Thanks for posting. The pics brought back some very good memories in Saigon.
Dave Borton(non-registered)
Haddon township 1966 class reuniom
Margie Levins(non-registered)
Wow...best firework photos ever!
JERREL DAVIS(non-registered)
Great photos Robert, we may have flown together in 72-73, I was at CCK as a Crew Chief on 63-7819 went in-country many times also went to Hanoi in 73 Three trips.
Thank You for your Service, Take Care.
Robert OBrien(non-registered)
Served as a Marine in Da Nang, Iwajuni and Nam Phong in the 71-73 era . You have some fascinating photos. Places where I lived, worked, survived . I will try to order some of your captures. Folks today, my 18 yr. old esp. don't realize the effort required to restore 40 yr old photos. Thank you for that effort.

Bob - USMC
Adah Freemon(non-registered)
Congratulations on a great website and hope to see more artwork!
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